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July 13, 2007


Dan Schawbel

I'm glad you brought this up because without color, you won't be noticed and it has a complete connection with your personality I think as well.

Vikram Rajan

About 4 years ago, I started the Small-Business DIVERSITY DAY initiative here on Long Island. Unfortunately my mom was in the hospital so I couldn't do much with it... but it did bring together 20 of the top leaders of color around my area to the table to discuss practical initiatives.

I'm proud to see that people of color in all areas - especially marketing and branding - can be recognized for their contributions.

I am right now a judge in the Business Achievement Awards for the 2nd largest business organization on Long Island, the Hauppauge Industrial Association.

I know from personal experience, nominating a client or colleague for an award is one of the best ways to not only build their personal brand, to also trumpet our own personal brands.

~ Vikram Rajan

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